What grades are taught at Saint Andrew School?

We teach 3-year-old preschoolers all the way to eighth grade.
Our Elementary School is located at 4081 Reed Road (next to St. Andrew Church) and teaches
Kindergarten through grade 8.

Our Preschool is located at the Bryce Eck Center a block away on Reed Road and consists of 3 classes: 3’s 4’s and an afternoon Pre-K. Scroll to the bottom of any page to find contact information for both locations.

How big is Saint Andrew School?

We are currently teaching 422 students from 289 families.
Saint Andrew School has the feel of a close-knit community, but we are still large enough to offer two homerooms for each grade. This ensures that every student will have a different mix of classmates from one year to the next, and allows us to put twin students in different classrooms when necessary.

What are Saint Andrew School’s hours?

Classes are taught from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm every weekday.
We offer an early (noon) pickup for Kindergarten students who may not be ready for a full day.
Earliest drop off is at 7:40. Our school office is open until 3:30 pm.

Do students get breaks?

All students get at least one recess and lunch break. These breaks are staggered so that children are eating and playing with their peers.

How are classrooms set up?

Classrooms are set up for success, and that changes with the age of the students and the teaching methods of our faculty.

In Kindergarten, desks are arranged in small circles to allow teachers to differentiate and teach in learning centers. As students mature, they do better in orderly rows. We have two teachers per grade, and as students approach 4th and 5th grades, teachers will specialize in certain subjects to the benefit of the students.

During COVID, all desks are spaced 6-ft apart, according to state guidelines, to ensure each child’s safety.

How big are your classes?

Student-teacher Ratio: 11:1
Average classroom size: 25 students
Median classroom size: 26 students
Kindergarten: currently 44 students, taught by 2 teachers in 2 classrooms with 2 aides.

What do you teach?

We follow the courses of instruction directed by the Diocese of Columbus, which meet and exceed the standards set by the State of Ohio.

Our core subjects—Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, are taught in all grades, along with Religion and faith formation. Courses of enrichment (specials) are: Spanish (grades K-5), Latin (grades 6-8) Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education.

Do we need to be Catholic for our child to attend Saint Andrew School?

No, many of our families are from other faith traditions, or non-practicing, and we welcome them into our school community. Non-Catholic children abstain from receiving sacraments, but are able to attend Mass and religion classes with their Catholic peers.

What neighborhoods do you serve?

Our students come from Upper Arlington, Columbus, Clintonville, Hilliard, Dublin, and we receive bus service from these communities.

What high schools do your graduates attend?

Saint Andrew is a feeder school for Bishop Watterson and Saint Charles high schools.

Both schools are among the finest college preparatory schools in the the Columbus area. Roughly 65% of our graduates go on to study at Bishop Watterson and 25% attend Saint Charles. Other graduates continue their education at other local Catholic or private schools, or a number of local public high schools in Upper Arlington, Dublin, Worthington, and Hilliard.

How can we get a tour of the school?

Guided tours can be arranged during school business hours. Contact us through our online form, or call our front office during business hours: M-F: 9 am-3 pm.
Shadow days for students are also possible.





4081 Reed Road
Columbus, OH 43220

P: 614 .451.1626
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3880 Reed Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

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